ShowCase 10.1

Showcase manages eBay auctions photos. Upload pictures and generate html code
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They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. But why stop there? With Showcase, you can now create entire galleries for your eBay auctions in a no-hassle way. Showcase is a photo management program that makes it easy for you to batch resize, rotate generate thumbnails and add watermarks to your photos. You can then upload the photos with a click of a button and have the program automatically generate the html code for photo galleries. The HTML code will be copied to your clipboard where you can paste into your eBay auctions. With this program, you do not need to manually upload and change the html hyperlinks anymore. Everything is quick, easy and automatic.
Showcase supports most of the popular picture formats such as jpg, gif, tif and bmp. It also includes a variety of JavaScript picture rollover effects that are compliant with eBay listings. Server space is provided. Two editions are available: 10MB or 1GB. You can also upload photos to your own customer server space.
Having good pictures of your products is a proven method to increase sales. eBay experts suggest taking multiple pictures of your products from different angles, showing model numbers, highlighting unique features and condition. So start showcasing your eBay items now!

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